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The Best CV Template to Use for Career Success

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

The best cv template to use for career success

In the realm of career advancement, your curriculum vitae (CV) is the gateway to unlocking life-changing opportunities. Utilising the best CV template is not just about looking good and aesthetically pleasing layouts that present your qualifications; it's about strategically positioning your professional narrative for success in an ATS-friendly template. In this article, we'll explore the paramount importance of an ATS-compliant CV, the competitive landscape of 2023, and the essential elements that constitute a winning CV, including the F-scanning pattern, a compelling value proposition statement (VPS), skill set optimisation, and the impactful use of Situation, Actions, and Result (SAR) stories.

ATS Compliance and Fortune 500 Screening

In the digital age, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are the gatekeepers to coveted positions. Fortune 500 companies extensively use ATS to streamline the screening process. Ensuring your CV is ATS compliant is non-negotiable to make it through the initial digital screening and into the hands of decision-makers. Learn more about ATS screening here.

The Importance of a CV: Navigating the Job Market

As we navigate through 2023 and into 2024, the job market remains highly competitive, especially for top-tier roles. Your CV serves as your professional brochure and sales document, making a lasting impression on potential employers. Standing out in this competitive landscape requires not only skilful storytelling but also a strategic approach to CV structure and the best CV template.

Best CV Template & Strategic CV Layout: Understanding Human Scanning Patterns

Human readers typically scan information in an "F" pattern—across the top and down the sides. A well-organized CV layout should cater to this pattern. Ensure crucial information, such as your Name, Position, Contact Details, and VPS, is strategically placed at the top to capture attention effectively.

Key Sections for a Winning CV

  1. Name, Position, and Contact Details: Basic identification information at the top of your CV.

  2. Professional Summary, including a VPS: A succinct overview of your career with a powerful Value Proposition Statement summarizing your unique value to potential employers.

  3. Skill Sets: A comprehensive list of your relevant skills, including keywords that align with industry requirements.

  4. Education / Qualifications: Details about your academic background, including degrees, higher education, institutions, and graduation years.

  5. Key Achievements or Accomplishments written in SAR: Three impactful Situation, Actions and Result stories showcasing your metric-based achievements.

  6. Career History / Work Experience: A chronological account of your professional journey, highlighting key roles and responsibilities.

  7. Early Career: A condensed section for early career experiences, emphasizing foundational roles.

  8. Certifications / Training: Notable certifications or courses relevant to your field.

  9. IT Skills: A dedicated section for highlighting your proficiency in Information Technology and relevant software.

  10. Professional Memberships & Affiliations: Any affiliations and positions with relevant professional organizations.

  11. Publications: If applicable, a section highlighting any publications or notable works, either online or in print.

  12. Languages: Listing languages you are proficient in.

  13. Additional Information: A section for any additional relevant details.

  14. Recommendations: If available, include positive recommendations from colleagues or managers. You can collect these on LinkedIn and copy /paste them onto the bottom of your CV. Learn how to write recommendations here.

These sections are not set in stone and can be tailored to highlight the most relevant information for each individual.

You can learn more and download ATS-friendly CV templates here, including instructions on how to write your own content.

The Bigger Fish Advantage

At, our expertise lies in tailoring CVs to maximise individual potential. We have successfully assisted hundreds of professionals worldwide in securing roles with Fortune 500 companies. Trust us to provide the best CV format, ensuring your CV stands out in a sea of applicants.

The best CV format is not a rigid template but a strategic amalgamation of essential elements. In the competitive job market of 2023, a well-crafted CV is your passport to career success. You can download the best CV template here. Embrace these insights and tailor your CV to make an indelible mark on potential employers.


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