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How to position yourself as the best candidate when applying for your dream job

So, you're wondering how I position my clients as the best candidates when applying for their dream jobs?

I first started writing CVs and resumes way back in 2008 when on an international assignment in Algeria for a major oil and gas operator. By then I had already established myself as a respected Engineer in my field and had completed projects in all 4 corners of the world. I clearly remember an internal job opportunity presented itself so I quickly got to work, preparing my own CV. I knew I was up against tough competition so decided to research modern CV best practices and figure out ways of influencing the hiring manager to give me a chance. 4 weeks later I was interviewed and subsequently offered the role - achieving a higher salary and bonus... Safe to say that my new job changed my life and projected me to even greater heights.

I had discovered the secret to creating influential CVs and Resumes that delivered results fast, but that was still not enough to sway the decision to hire me... It actually took 3 elements! The 3 elements have been tested, refined and successfully delivered over the years for well over a thousand clients ranging from Degree Educated Engineers, Managers and Executives from some of the most highly respected blue chip companies in the world. A few testimonials:

"Lee's insight into the recruitment process and knowledge of how to ensure my CV would land at the top of the pile is amazing. I expected good results, but now I am truly blown away. In the past week or so I've applied for 7 jobs and received calls from recruiters for 6 to let me know they're interested. I'm thrilled to say that it looks like the most difficult thing for me will be choosing between the offers! Best investment I ever made."

"I had the pleasure to work with Lee throughout the application process for the “European Space Agency (ESA) Astronaut Selection”. Thanks to his invaluable expertise on personal branding, CV and LinkedIn optimisation, my profile stood out among nearly 24,000 applicants, allowing me to move forward in the selection process. His easy-going personality makes the procedure seamless from the start, giving you the chance to enjoy the process and learn at the same time."

"Lee was not only a coach and a CV specialist, he was a mentor for me, who helped me discover my strengths and how to showcase them. I am now happier than ever and also after applying for dozens of jobs and getting rejected, after doing his changes and reapplying I had more than 9 offers in just 2 weeks. I am now enjoying a new position that I love, with a great team. I have to highlight his professionality, responsibility and how passionate he is to find the best solution."

Since 2008 I have analysed, taken apart, tested and developed the Bigger Fish - Executive Branding Framework. My framework consists of 3 key elements in order to position YOU as the best candidate and ensure you land your dream role. ATS Optimised CV or Resume, Professional LinkedIn Profile using SEO best practices and finally Interview and Communication Coaching.

✓ Applicant Tracking System (ATS) CV / Resume: Preparing an optimised CV/Resume, including niche value proposition, researched keywords and relevant value-added stories.

✓ Professional LinkedIn Profile: Using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practices, graphic design and network recommendations to build trust and back up your application.

✓ Interview Coaching & Communication Skills: Teaching STAR framework, body language, personal sales techniques & cold messaging strategies to win over your audience.

The entire process is lengthy and takes around 1-2 weeks to complete depending on individual requirements, but the return on investment (ROI) is tenfold. My clients typically land interviews within 2-4 weeks and secure higher-paid roles shortly after. If you're feeling stuck in your career or having no luck applying for roles - feel free to connect and message me on LinkedIn for a no-hassle chat about how I can help your situation.

Or - If you have any feedback on my article - I would love to read your comments below.

About the Author:

From Military Instructor, Engineer, Project Manager and Recruiter to World Class Executive Branding Specialist. Lee Woodrow has led an extraordinary life spanning 36 countries with many life and career lessons to teach.

Lee has worked in MENA, SSA, APAC, US & European regions and has hands-on experience delivering Oil & Energy, Maritime, Engineering, Sales, Recruitment, Academia, IT & Military projects. Lee started creating the Bigger Fish - Executive Branding framework in 2008 and has refined the service ever since. His clients land interviews within 2-4 weeks and Lee provides cv and resume templates, coaching and courses to teach the secrets of landing top-tier positions.


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