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Join this Interview Coaching Course and learn the secrets of acing your next interview. Includes 60+ mins of video interview coaching, 2 downloads and 12 modules to take at your own pace. 

Learn insider interview techniques that always work, beat the competition and land your dream job!

Course Modules

✅ Introduction to Interview Coaching

✅ The 4 Biggest Mistakes

✅ Competency-Based Interviews

✅ STAR Framework

✅ Career Autobiography with excel download

✅ Sales Technique

✅ Body Language & NLP

✅ Tell me about yourself question

✅ Strengths & weaknesses

✅ Why should we hire you?

✅ Negotiation and salary expectations?

✅ Download the Interview Secrets eBook

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Course was £99.99

Limited Time Introductory Offer Only £49.99

As you absorb the secret formula, little by little you'll become an expert at acing interviews!


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Being a strong communicator and being comfortable in interviews is not enough when you are competing with other high-calibre candidates. It is important to know how to interpret questions correctly and structure your answers using effective communication frameworks. This is where the Bigger Fish Interview Secrets Book will give you the edge.

Course was £99.99

Limited Time Introductory Offer Only £49.99

What Bigger Fish Clients Say


Melisa Canevelli

"Lee is a highly skilled branding expert. I was praised for being helpful in understanding my background by recruiters I interviewed with.  I highly recommend Lee for his executive branding services, both the results and personalised attention during the process are top notch."

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Luca Verderio

"I had the pleasure to work with Lee throughout the application process for the “European Space Agency (ESA) Astronaut Selection”. Thanks to his invaluable expertise on personal branding, CV and LinkedIn optimization, my profile stood out among nearly 24000 applicants, allowing me to move forward in the selection process".


Massimiliano Cervo

"Lee was a coach and mentor for me, who helped me discover my strengths and how to showcase them. I am now happier than ever and also after applying for dozens of jobs and getting rejected, after doing his changes and reapplying I had more than 9 offers in just 2 weeks".

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