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LinkedIn Tips (Video Tutorial) to Help Your Profile Rank by Lee Woodrow

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Watch this video Tutorial by Lee Woodrow, giving LinkedIn tips for all you professionals wanting your profiles to rank well out of the 722 million members.

Video Recap

1. Optimise your title with "position titles" you want to be found for followed by your value proposition, including keywords

2. Edit your profile URL

3. Upload an image to your banner to help stand out

4. Use the pronunciation function to leave a 10 second message

5. Use the new Cover Story to upload a short intro video

6. Research keywords using Teal

Thats it for today - But I'll be back later with more top tips on CV Writing & LinkedIn Optimisation soon!

If you need help with your CV or LinkedIn Profile be sure to reach out and connect today!


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