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STAR Interview Technique and How to Ace an Interview

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

The STAR method is an interviewing technique that lets the interviewer analyse in detail if you are well-suited for a job. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Actions and Result, which are the four pillars that interviewers will be searching in your answer.

SITUATION: Mention the company and set context for your story. For example:ABC Oil Company in Houston had 6 expansion projects requiring $6 billion of CAPEX

TASK: Mention your position and what was required of you. For example:As Non Executive Director, oversaw corporate governance to ensure business plans & delivery were robust and efficient.

ACTIONS: What you actually did. For example: Provided business advice & assurance; engaged stakeholders via board committees; aligned JV partner goals with company objectives; and identified weaknesses in SMS & developed solutions.

RESULT: How well the situation played out. For example:

Successfully improved capital efficiencies by >$500mln and improved profitability.

Use this method to create a number of stories so you are prepared for an interview. Ensure the stories are relevant for the role, substantiate the required skillsets, and demonstrate a measurable outcome.

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