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How to write an About / Summary Section for LinkedIn (Video Tutorial)

So... I delivered a LinkedIn business presentation last week covering a whole range of topics, including optimising your LinkedIn profile so that your target audience finds YOU and ultimately converts views into new contacts and eventually opportunities. I've written this article "How to write an About / Summary Section for LinkedIn" including a video tutorial to help you land jobs and business opportunities fast.

When creating the LinkedIn About section you have up to 2600 characters to work with and I know the LinkedIn algorithm searches this section as well as your Title and the top 2 positions. It makes sense to fill the LinkedIn About Section with as many keywords as possible, including position titles, skills, sectors and buzz words that you want to rank for when someone searches LinkedIn.

Over the years I've developed a framework based on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and value-driven content that delivers a short and punchy story about why someone should hire you. First, we start off with 3-4 key job titles that you want to rank for, followed by a value proposition statement that includes what you're an expert at delivering, who for, what environments / regions and what business value you have a track record of achieving.

After this I suggest breaking down your role into 4-5 project lifecycle steps and writing these in a feature / followed benefit style. The first is typically planning / strategy, the second maybe building / training a team, the third might be implementing / executing a project, the fourth would be monitoring / reporting progress and maybe the final point would be documentation and handing over to operations or BAU.

After this, I always include a synopsis of a career, including name-dropping several large companies, clients and key projects. Followed by 2 key achievements written in the SAR framework, an acronym for Situation, Actions and Result. But be careful not to break any NDA's you may have signed and give away corporate / business secrets.

Finally, I wrap everything up with a list of Skills / Keywords in a simple paragraph to push the whole section to around 2600 characters. Check out the video below for a complete guide on How to write an About / Summary Section for LinkedIn. But how do you establish these keywords? Simple use Teal to analyse numerous job descriptions and uncover all the technical and functional keywords to use in your LinkedIn profile.

To help you with composing your new LinkedIn about section I suggest using Grammarly. Grammarly upholds accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar, but is also clear, compelling and easy to read. Grammarly's suggestions help identify and replace complicated sentences with more efficient ones, refresh repetitive language, and strengthen your writing to say what you really mean. It also works well with your internet browser!

About the Author:

From Military Instructor, Engineer, Recruiter & Project Manager to World Class Executive Branding Specialist. Lee Woodrow has led an extraordinary life spanning 36 countries with many life and career lessons to teach.

Lee has worked in MENA, SSA, APAC, US & European regions and has hands-on experience delivering Oil & Energy, Maritime, Engineering, Sales, Recruitment, Academia, IT & Military projects. Lee started creating the Bigger Fish Personal Branding framework in 2008 and has refined the service ever since. His clients land interviews within 2-4 weeks and Lee provides coaching and courses to teach the secrets of landing top-tier positions.