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LinkedIn Recommendation Framework - The 4P's

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Do you know how to write an amazing LinkedIn recommendation? I've designed the 4P LinkedIn Recommendation Framework to help you substantiate and deliver value for your colleagues and employees. By including 4 key elements you will easily be able to create recommendations that tick all the boxes...





1. Position: Mention how you know the person, how long, what company and what their professional title is / was.

2. Projects: Drop in a few project names, specifics, locations and key deliverables

3. Performance: How did they do? What value did they deliver, did they overachieve on KPIs?

4. Personality: A few behavioural traits and positive characteristics to finish off your recommendation.

An example:

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing [name] for [length of time], during which [description of your working relationship and positions]. [Name] worked for me on [describe project] and overachieved on [Describe KPIs or Goals]. Above all, I was impressed with [name]’s ability to [description of what makes person really stand out]. And, of course, his/her [personality trait]. [Name] would be a true asset for any positions requiring [1-2 skills needed for position] and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

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