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Interview Question - Why should we hire you?

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

To get a job, you must position yourself as the solution to the companies problems, matching your experience and skill set with an employer’s needs. This question tests how persuasive you are. Interviewers want to see if you can make a calm, confident case for yourself, even if they’re acting skeptical. They’re looking for factual and compelling answers. Answer correctly, and you'll pass a very important test...

To prepare, research everything you can about their business’ agenda. Read their website, social media pages, quarterly reports, vision and mission statements, press releases and recent news stories about the company. Establish what their goals are, where do they see themselves headed in the future and how can your talents can help them get there.

Prepare for the interview by picking 3 or 4 qualifications and experiences that help them understand why you're a fit for this job.

Example 1:

I've got both the experience and target audience rapport that you're looking for. I've built two _____________ from scratch and developed _____________ that you're currently looking to create. When employees fill out feedback forms, they speak highly of my professionalism and clarity that they've encountered.

Here’s a quick example.

A close friend of mine on your _________ team says that this company is a great cultural fit given my background and values. I have an insatiable level of curiosity and tend to do lots of research on any topic that I'm less than an expert in. I know your values include ____________ and ____________. That really resonates with my passion.

I'm just eager to become part of a fast-growing, mission-oriented organisation like yours.

Example 2:

As a ________________, I’ve demonstrated my ability to _____________, as well as advise strategic ___________ decisions by providing in-depth __________ with various technical skills, such as _______ and __________.

Part of my previous role has been to _________________ and make recommendations. A recent ________ strategy that I proposed eventually drove growth of __% for the business.

Given the growth that your company is poised to have, I believe that my unique experience will be an asset to your team. I’m excited to expand my expertise within a new industry, and recommend key strategies and opportunities that will support and drive business.

Example 3:

I believe that my knowledge within the __________ sector, specifically ___________ and __________ space, makes me the best match for the role.

In my previous organisation, I was responsible for developing ____________ for our company and clients . I gained years of experienced building ___________ and ____________ resulting in great client feedback and __% revenue growth. I truly enjoyed what I was doing and I would love to bring my expertise into your organisation.

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