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How to beat the LinkedIn Algorithm in 2021

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

I constantly keep abreast of the latest tips, tricks and hacks on LinkedIn so you don't have to. Check out the latest trends to stay ahead of the game and ensure your profile and posts continue to receive maximum impact.

It's all about the Headline Your headline is highly searchable and you can use up to 120 characters. Your headline is not just your job title, it’s what you do. Start thinking keywords that you want to be found for, target audience and value proposition! I suggest 2 - 3 common titles followed by VPS. A good example: "Senior Account Manager | Regional Sales Manager | Business Development Manager - Develops & Executes International Sales Strategies that Generate Market Share & Revenue for Major Oil & Gas Operators in MENA"

Colour profile images Profile photos with coloured backgrounds or trims see an increase in connection requests. Use adobe illustrator or other graphics software to change your background. If you're representing a company - use brand colours.

Pack a punch with your profile summary The summary section has become more prominent, and so more important. When you write your personal summary, make sure you include keywords relevant to your industry and specific role; making it easier for people within the industry to find you. I suggest:

  1. Value proposition statement (VPS)

  2. Followed by 4-5 core strengths with business benefits

  3. Short synopsis of your career, name dropping blue-chip companies

  4. 2 career highlights written in SAR (situation, action and result with metrics)

  5. List of keywords that you want to rank for

  6. Finally 3 relevant hashtags

Posting with #Hashtags When posting 3#'s is the magic number. Make sure to do your research because 3 highly followed hashtags (e.g. #careers) is very different to 3 made up hashtags (#goaldriven, #followingthedream). Just search the # on LinkedIn to see whats trending.

Best times to post Best time to post: 8-10am & 5pm Tuesday-Thursday Most clicks or shares: Tuesdays 11am-12pm Peak time of use: 12pm & 5-6pm weekdays The worst time to post: 10pm-6am Think of LinkedIn posting when your network will be there and they are mostly active during working hours 9am-5pm.

LinkedIn banners & visual media Like Twitter & Facebook, you can add a background banner on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn background banner should reinforce who you are and visually support your profile. LinkedIn also allows you to connect other media to your profile such as YouTube videos, Infographics & Presentations. Don't be shy to be creative with relevant media to make your page jump off the screen and demand attention.

If you need help optimising your LinkedIn Profile or CV don't hesitate in reaching out for a free discovery call! Lee Woodrow


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