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Job Seeker Checklist

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

1. Mistakes in your CV or email

When writing, or updating your cv/email, proofread before you click send. If you know that detail-orientation is one of your weak points, get at least one other person to proofread it as well. No recruiter or employer wants to place responsibility into the hands of an employee who can’t even write an email or CV about themselves without mistakes, much less uses it as their introduction. I suggest using Grammarly.

2. Address the email recipient by their proper title

Make sure when sending emails you address the recipient with the right title. I receive emails from prospects addressing me with Dear Sir, Hi. Most recruiters will ignore emails from candidates if they are not addressed by their proper Gender or Name.

Here is the best way to address a recipient:

• Dear Sir (Male Gender)/(Or their name) Dear John

• Dear Madam, (Female Gender)/(Or their name) Dear Anna

3. Follow with InMail via LinkedIn

Some Recruiters/Managers will respond (I’m one of them, so long as the message is well composed and polite).

4. Figure out the recruiters work email address

Try to figure out the recruiters work email address or visit the company website. Ask to speak with the recruiter, get their phone number or the correct email address and email your follow-up directly to them. If you find the Recruiter’s personal email address, do not use it. Do not invade their private life with job inquiries.

5. Communicate through social network

Become friends with your recruiter via social network, follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. Recruiters want to have the time to touch base with candidates from time to time so that you don’t forget about their company or their list of job vacancies.

6. Don't be too persistent

Many candidates think that a recruiter’s job is to find them employment. In reality, recruiters work to fill client positions. They usually deal with many clients at once, each with multiple positions needing to be filled, each position with dozens of prospective candidates. Calling and emailing a recruiter incessantly who you have not heard back from will not make them think of you as eager and ambitious, but will more likely label you a pain in the neck who they don’t want to deal with.