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How to Brand & Market a Small Business - Part 1

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

What is your B2C sales strategy? How do you generate business💰💰💰 for your small company? I suggest you play the long game and make sure you have the following prepared before you start:

1. Branded website or landing page (With blog to showcase your expertise) 🌐

2. Lead magnets: Free guide, brochure of sample 📘

3. Mailing list sign-up form to follow up with automated email campaigns 📨

4. Reviews of your product/service stating how its delivered value for others (Use reviews with metrics, they are more powerful) 💬

5. A secure and efficient method of taking payment 💳

6. An optimised LinkedIn profile /company page (Brand both of them) ℹ️

PART 2 HERE - You should then market your services/products on LinkedIn by:

1. Connecting daily with your target audience

2. Posting relevant branded content daily and use 3-5 trending hashtags

3. Insightfully comment on posts (find relevant content using boolean search)

4. Thank and like every comment/post to drive more engagement

5. Answer all DM’s even if you know they can’t afford you

6. Include a signature in your DM's and direct potential clients to your website

Hope that helps all you budding entrepreneurs.

Do you have any other strategies for small business owners?