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Game-Changing Job Seeker Tool to identify "keywords for cv" and "keywords for resume"

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Imagine having a tool that could organise and manage your job search. A remarkable online tool that could analyse a job description and provide you with the optimum keywords for CV and keywords for resume, ensuring you pass ATS screening and land interviews fast.

I'll let you in on the secret weapon that I've been happily using for the past few months that's been helping my clients to identify keywords for CV and keywords for resume - and believe me the tool is mind-blowing. Teal is a full-proof solution that easily stores jobs that you're interested in, tracks your progress, including notes and also automatically highlights important keywords for every job you save. It's like an online excel sheet on adrenalin and did I forget to mention, it's free to use!

Teal is packed full of features built for a more productive job search and can 100% increase your chances of securing your dream job. The application can extract the keyword density of hard skills, soft skills and other functional keywords, enabling you to cherry-pick the most relevant phrases and keywords for cv and strategically place these inside your CV / Resume and LinkedIn profile.

I especially love the easy to use Chrome Browser Extension that works seamlessly with LinkedIn and all major job boards. The application is so intuitive and in my opinion, is a must-have tool for any job seeker who is serious about landing a better job! You can navigate to your favourite job board and use the Chrome Extension to instantly save jobs you're interested in giving you the competitive edge when job seeking.

Once you've established the best keywords for your cv, I suggest inserting these into your value proposition section, summary section, inside your skillsets section and also mention a few within your key achievements so that a recruiter/hiring manager can quickly establish you as the best match for the role. Read "What is the best CV template to use?" to learn more about CV / Resume layout.

You can download Teal here - Trust me it's an absolute game-changer and you're guaranteed to improve your chances of landing better employment!


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