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8 Rules for Positive Behaviour, High Performance & Success

I've had several chance encounters this week with people and places from my past... I always try to focus on the present and visualise the future but it's also important to look back on the journey. Understand where you've come from, keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds. This helps you stay humble.

Many years ago I worked in the #military and this experience instilled in me many positive behaviours that I still carry forward today and pass on to my children. One of the highlights of my Army career was working as a DS PTI on special forces selection. This experience pushed me to my mental and physical limits and surrounded me with self-motivated, fit and determined people with #grit and #integrity! The UK SF is full of larger than life characters and some you wouldn't want to bump into on a dark night...

My time alongside UKSF taught me many valuable life lessons that any Executive, Manager or Engineer can use to get motivated and ensure success. Here are 8 rules to help you get psyched and ensure success!

  1. Setting your mindset is what sets the conditions for performance, plan to succeed in your mind and visualise the outcomes. The 6 P's - Planning and preparation prevent piss poor performance!

  2. Have both short term and long term goals and hold yourself accountable and responsible to your daily commitments to meet these goals.

  3. Set and abide by a simple routine, make sure you exercise, eat well, meditate, mentor your friends and share knowledge - be a teacher!

  4. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone regularly and into STRETCH. Most high performing individuals work best when they are stretching themselves beyond their initial capabilities. Its how we better ourselves and expand our comfort zone!

  5. Overcome physical & mental pain by focusing on your outcomes, get in the zone, take one step at a time and keep moving forwards - whether thats a run, a degree, football or building a business... Keep putting in the work in until you achieve your goals.

  6. Never give up! This is probably the one lesson that I insist on with my own children. If you fall, get back up and start again. If you fail, try again. Before you know it your goals will be behind you and you'll have Bigger Fish to fry!

  7. Become emotionally intelligent - try to overcome your feelings when the going gets tough. Of course there are situations that involve often hysterical, non responsive and angry people but you have to stay calm when working towards an outcome.

  8. Group training - become part of a sports team. Being part of a group makes you work harder than if you were by yourself. You'd feel bad if you let down the team by failing to show up or work hard.

I've experienced a fair few ups and downs in my life and during the darkest of times its always expected of a Father figure to step up to the mark... To put this in context, I've served my country, been under fire, spent huge amounts of time away from my family in the Middle East, Africa and other austere environments when I worked in the Oil & Gas sector. I've lost family, close friends and our own children - yes you read that correctly. The more my circle has grown, the larger my family and network have become the more risk there is of experiencing hurt and loss. But even during dark times, I've applied positive behaviour and pushed myself and my family forwards to greener fields. If I can do it - so can you!

I now have 2 Sons who have passed their degrees, a 15 year old son playing junior football for Norwich City CSF and a 10 year old daughter representing our town at Swimming. Every child has individual passions and goals in life but they all follow the 8 rules above!

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