How to Prepare an IT CV with Security Clearance (SC)

Updated: May 13, 2020

Preparing a CV with sensitive information and security clearance (SC) can be hard to achieve. Showcasing abilities, projects and achievements require scrutiny, an eye for detail and knowledge of what is acceptable.

Security Cleared IT jobs are found in many government organisations such as the Secret Intelligence Service, Intelligence Agency, UK Police Force and the Armed Forces as well as many private organisations handling highly sensitive information such as aerospace, energy, IT and engineering.

Vetting provides a certain level of assurance as to an individual's suitability to have trusted access to sensitive information and essentially means background checks and a vetting process, where the more restricted the information/area the deeper and more rigorous the checks.

There are 3 security levels:

  • Counter Terrorist Check (CTC): is carried out if an individual is working in proximity to public figures, or requires unescorted access to certain military, civil, industrial or commercial establishments assessed to be at particular risk from terrorist attack.

  • Security Check (SC): determines that a person’s character and personal circumstances are such that they can be trusted to work in a position which involves long-term, frequent and uncontrolled access to SECRET assets.

  • Developed Vetting (DV): in addition to SC, this detailed check is appropriate when an individual has long-term, frequent and uncontrolled access to ‘Top Secret’ information. There is also Enhanced DV.

In general IT professionals with Security Clearance accreditations are in demand – especially with a current shortage of experienced IT professionals across the country. Being Security Cleared can open doors to many employment options that may not have been opened otherwise.

Preparing a CV with sensitive information can be hard to achieve. Especially when you want to showcase your abilities, describe the types of projects that you have worked on and demonstrate the value you have delivered. I know this first hand having previously been cleared to a high Government standard.

There is a thin line to tread when preparing certain sections, including:

  • Company, agency or department names

  • Project names

  • Technologies implemented

  • Locations (These can often give away your history)

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Lee Woodrow is a Personal & Business Branding Coach and coaches contractors, senior job seekers & business owners and develops unique CV’s, LinkedIn profiles and websites that generate leads and open doors. He is ex-military, has 14 years of corporate experience and is an accredited CV writer.

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