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How COVID-19 Is Leaving People Out Of Work. Is Your CV Ready?

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

The new health guidance will make a bad situation for many professionals even worse. Oil & Energy Consultants, IT Consultants, Event Staff, Teachers and any job that requires travel - many of them are suddenly jobless. Even those who technically still have their jobs are hurting financially because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many companies concerned for employees' health amid the rapid spread of coronavirus have begun encouraging them to work from home. The shift, rightly done to protect people from infection, could also change the way we work forever... Businesses ranging from tech giants to startups are clearing their offices in an effort to stop the spread of disease without interrupting day-to-day operations. Microsoft, Shell, Facebook, and Apple have all urged employees to work from home if they can. Several tech firms, including Google and Cisco, have begun to offer their collaboration tools for free as companies around the world quickly implement work-from-home policies and conferences are cancelled.

This poses the question when this nightmare is over, what will the employment landscape look like? Remote work fundamentally changes the dynamic, especially for teams accustomed to working side-by-side every day. People forced to change their behaviours may experience loss in productivity, communication challenges and other unexpected roadblocks as they shift from corporate offices to home offices.

Job application processes will change, interviews will be conducted via video conferencing and you will need to demonstrate your ability to utilise cloud technology and manage your own time to move forward with your career. Think about how you can use this downtime to upskill and prepare for the future. Take your time to prepare your CV / Resume & LinkedIn Profile to ensure you stand the best chance of securing safe employment in a sector that is buoyant and growing.

Bigger Fish has been helping senior professionals with advanced CV, Resume and LinkedIn Optimisation since 2008 and our strategic / design input typically leads to:

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