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🎬 How to Generate Inbound Leads on LinkedIn - Video

Updated: May 20, 2020

Are you looking for inbound leads and opportunities on LinkedIn?

There is a quick 10-minute routine you can use each day to skyrocket inbound profile views, connection requests and sales inquiries. 1) Search for relevant hashtags # in your field (i.e. if you're a service company in the Oil & Energy Industry, look for hashtags such as #oilandgas, #oilfieldservices, #oilfield. 2) Follow a list of 5-10 hashtags related to your niche market. 3) Log on each day and leave insightful comments on 3-5 posts from the hashtags that answer questions, stimulate conversation, and add value to your audience.

Lee Woodrow is a CV & LinkedIn Optimisation Coach and helps contractors, senior job seekers & business owners to land interviews and opportunities fast. He is an ex-military instructor, has 14 years of corporate experience, understands advanced sales techniques and the psychology of reading documents and is an Accredited CV Writer.