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The will to succeed and how to stay determined

Updated: May 20, 2020

The will to succeed and how to stay determined

Last Thursday I took my son to Football Training with his under 12's football team in Corton (The Corton Cobras). The plan was for the boys to warm up and take part in the Junior Beep Test. In the car, on the way to the football field, I had a quick motivational talk with my Son and asked him what he should do when he felt it getting hard...

My Son "Will" responded with "Not give up Dad and keep pushing forward".

I've driven the culture of hard work and always emphasized the phrase "Never Give Up" with my children. I'm proud to say that he beat his team members by 1 whole level and ended up competing with himself and his own mind...

Throughout my journey, I've pushed myself with fitness, my career and now I strive to make a success of my business. Having the "Will" (excuse the pun) to succeed is a necessity with job seeking, promotion and business. You need to have a driving force behind your ambition to do well in life and this can come from a culture that has been driven into you, life experience, dealing with hardships and loss. When the going gets tough, I often think about the hard times in the past that I have overcome and endured and take my mind to a place of high-level motivation...

By having control over your mindset and switching into a competitive and focused state you can achieve your goals... So if your reading this, thinking that you can't do something, Get focussed and push forward until you succeed!

Lee Woodrow is a CV & LinkedIn Optimisation Coach and helps contractors, senior job seekers & business owners to land interviews and opportunities fast. He is an ex-military instructor, has 14 years of corporate experience, understands advanced sales techniques and the psychology of reading documents and is an accredited CV writer.

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