A few lines in the classroom...

A few lines in the classroom

If you were like me, you were probably dished out a few lines to write with chalk on the classroom blackboard after being cheeky or not handing in assignments on time. The old school way of punishing us and learning through repetitive writing...

"I will/must not (do X) in class."

"I will/must not (do X) in class."

Writing lines involved copying a sentence onto a piece of paper or a blackboard as many times as the teacher required. The sentence copied was related to the reason the lines were given, e.g. "I must not talk in class". In Britain, at least in the past, this is referred to as "imposition". The number of lines to be written may have been 100 or more, although writing 500/1000 lines were common. Teachers issued more lines in order to hurt the offending student's fingers and hand and make the rule sink into the persons head.

To be honest with you... I hated lines but this rarely worked as a deterrent against future negative behaviour and probably demotivated me, putting me off writing altogether...

It was only in my later years that I found a way to express strong emotions in striking and appropriate language, thereby producing conviction or persuasion in the reader. I now practice this skill every weekday by providing my clients with advanced CV writing services and coaching professionals on how to structure personal summaries, project case studies and employment achievements in order to land top-tier jobs.

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Lee Woodrow is a CV & LinkedIn Optimisation Coach and helps contractors, senior job seekers & business owners to land interviews and opportunities fast. He is an ex-military instructor, has 14 years of corporate experience, understands advanced sales techniques and the psychology of reading documents and is an accredited CV writer.

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