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LinkedIn for Business - How to get your message out to the world...

LinkedIn for Business - How to get your message out to the world

Do you have a great product or service and need to get your message out to the world?

Building a strong presence on LinkedIn is one of the best things that small to mid-sized businesses can do to boost their online presence. Arguably, LinkedIn is more important than your visibility on Search Engines like Google & Bing and provides you with the ability to create visibility with your own LinkedIn connections and TARGET AUDIENCE.

The professionals and decision makers you have connected with on LinkedIn have direct or indirect relevance to your business – a relevant customer audience. For many businesses creating visibility with this audience is just as important, sometimes more so, than getting to page one on Google.

For example, one of my travel company clients with a 4 person sales team had 1000 connections collectively and when I started working with them, after 3 months that had increased to 10,000 collectively and their LinkedIn posts were generating £1000's worth of orders every month.

Your LinkedIn profile is the shop window for both your business and your personal brand. If you get it right it will stand you apart from from the competition, achieve maximum visibility with your target audience and become a lead magnet that self generates income.

If you feel that your profile is not performing well on LinkedIn and need advice on optimsing your profile, reach out to me today and book a consultation. I have helped thousands of individuals and small business owners transform their profiles and improve revenue streams.

Recent feedback:

"I was producing what I thought was some good digital marketing, until I spoke with Lee Woodrow. I spotted one of Lee’s post about building a digital presence through LinkedIn. Lee produced a fantastic banner for me that I now use on all my platforms of marketing, and this really sets my business off on a professional outlook. However I still needed to push my marketing to another level and reach out to potential clients and investment opportunities that I was looking for. I spoke with Lee and he recommended that I book a 30 minute session with him so that he could show me how to produce digital adds to benefit my business. It was easy to book through his link and we completed the session. The results I’m now producing are outstanding. Lee recorded our session so I can always go back to it if I forget anything and I secured £10,000 investment from the grand sum of £30. I would have never been able to get this if I didn’t have the knowledge that Lee gave me. If your serious about your online marketing then Lee Woodrow should be your first stop. He can save you thousands of pounds on quick programs that don’t take a lot of effort to produce fantastic digital marketing content for your business. I’ve booked another 1 hour session to again push me to the next level of knowledge within the digital marketing arena. Cannot give a higher recommendation to Lee. It’s money well spent and you will not regret it I promise"

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