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8 signs that show you need to prepare your CV

Throughout my 22 year career history, I have moved through 5 different sectors and worked all over the world for multinational organisations. One thing I know is that most corporations treat us like numbers and that you always need to be prepared for a shift in direction.

How can you judge whether your job is likely to be affected by changes in the business climate? Here are some early warning signs to help:

1. Watch the money

A pessimistic financial forecast for the business is often the first warning sign. The loss of a major client or source of funding is another. If you start dealing with irate suppliers who haven’t been paid or your salary is late, then expect the worst.

2. The new project management team

When a new project management team is tasked to prepare for a change in the business world, then make no mistake, your job is being reviewed and unless you can justify your value, you may be heading for the door.

3. Rhetoric alert

When corporate communications seem to be teeming with rhetoric about “organisational transformation” and “future visioning” be prepared for wholesale change and decisions on who is considered essential to the new “vision”

4. Automation

Your role is becoming automted with new technologies and processes being implemented into your daily activities. This is hightime to retrain and learn new digital skills that will keep you employed.

5. Investment decisions are halted

If that planned project is halted, or technology developments are put on hold, then it’s a sure sign that your company is focused on being lean and protecting cash flow rather than growth and that may well mean shedding staff too.

6. Side-lining

You start to find that you are not invited to meetings that you or your team would normally attend or there have been secret pre-meetings where everything seems to have been agreed in advance. Classic side-lining!

7. You’ve been merged

If the plan is to merge roles and departments, to rationalise several sites into one or to integrate the UK operations more closely with their European and US counterparts then it’s likely to mean job losses.

8. Boss suddenly becomes distant

If they seem increasingly reluctant to talk with you and get a funny look in their eye when you talk about longer-term plans, there may be something afoot. If they start wearing a new suit and disappearing in the afternoons (probably for a job interview), then maybe they’re worried about their own job too.

If any of these points resonate with you, maybe its time to dust off your CV or hire a professional to develop you a new CV that will gaurantee results.