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Reinvent Yourself - Video

Reinvent Yourself! I was asked yesterday about how I became a professional cv writer.

10 years ago, I was working in the Sahara Desert in Algeria on a Coiled Tubing Rig and an internal job came up that I wanted to apply for. After several people watched me writing my CV, I was asked to help write my colleagues. A few days later I had written a bunch of CVs and had made some decent money on the side.

That’s when I launched my first website: Oil Guru! Oil Guru was an oil and gas job board and 1 way to monetise it was to offer professional cv writing services on the side. I remember white boarding ideas in the office with Clark Hancock and getting my knuckles wrapped by Rob Wood the Manager for wasting project time. ;) Good days!

Anyway, 10 years on and still going strong with a new personal and business branding company

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