Deliver the WOW Factor With a Creative Style CV & Cover Letter

Deliver the WOW Factor With a Creative Style CV & Cover Letter

Deliver the WOW Factor with a Creative Style CV & Cover Letter. If you are not applying for jobs through applicant tracking systems (ATS) and you have the email address of your contact, you could potentially format your CV anyway you like.

By using a sidebar with some simple graphic design you can improve the layout and show that you're not a sheep, you don't follow the heard and really stand out from the crowd.

The most common way of applying for jobs is through job boards and corporate career portals like LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed and Reed to name a few. These systems are all ATS and scan your CV for contextual keywords, mathematically score your relevance based on an algorithm and pass the most relevant CVs to the recruiter. HOWEVER... You can go around the ATS...

By identifying who the recruiters/HR representatives are within your target company, you can find them on LinkedIn, slowly build a professional relationship with them and then connect with them directly to gain access to there email address.

Most recruiters don't appreciate to be inundated with cold call emails and messages, so I strongly suggest that you build a professional relationship with them first by engaging with their LinkedIn content, maybe endorse them for a few skills and like and share posts. This way you will appear on their radar long before sending your CV.

I find that it's always the creative style CVs that get remembered and often create a buzz in office when received. (But remember these types of CVs don't far very well in automated ATS...) Contact me if you would like to transform your old CV into a creative style CV and give your application the WOW factor...

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