Small Progress is Still Progress

Small progress is still progress

I have always tried to push forward and progress my career and now my business. Having a GOAL is imperative for you to progress... Without a goal you can lose track of your direction and it will be hard to measure your progress.

Now that I run my own small business my goals are marketing and client based. Post engaging content = increased client base = increased revenue = self employed freedom.

2 years ago my mind shifted to the "laptop lifestyle" goal and the freedom that this could provide. 2 years on and I've managed to completely transition from full time employment to full time entrepreneur working completely from my laptop.

If you have a dream, it is possible! Just stay focused, stay on track, measure your progress and develop / change your tactics / strategies to react to market conditions. Being Agile and continuously learning new skills is important to keep your business alive and innovative.

How do you measure your progress / success? Is it financial? Is it freedom? Is it more time with your kids? Is it becoming fit & Healthy? Would love to hear your thoughts... Comment below ⬇️




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