Never Quit!

Updated: May 19, 2020

Finding the determination and motivation to never quit is often hard. Whether you're unemployed and searching for your next job or you've started a small company and trying to track down leads to turn into customers.

I know first hand what it takes to succeed on both the job and business fronts. Here's how I do it...


If you're passionate about your services, products and career direction you will most certainly succeed. I find that dealing with people who show a real passion for what they are talking about, selling or doing fills me full of trust and admiration. If you're not passionate about what you are currently doing, your either in the wrong job or business and its time to make a change!

Emotions - Greif & Anger

I often draw on old emotions to stir up a determination to succeed. In my younger years, I experienced the loss of my 18-year-old Cousin and Uncle after a freak car accident. Years later I experienced this again with elder members of my family and then the loss of my Step Daughter. Everyone alive at some point will experience the loss of a loved one and what you do with this built up emotion is up to you... If someone young passes - you should take the energy they had and use this when challenging situations arise. I remember being angry at the world for such a long time but I learned to channel my anger into determination to beat whatever was in front of me.

I think it was partly down to this deep-rooted anger that I managed to pass so many Military Courses, including my time as a Physical Training Instructor and assisting with Special Forces Training.


I think that the environments that we grow in also affect our opinions and the amount of self-motivation we have. From a young age my father installed in me a strong work ethic and the basic rule of "if you start something, you finish it". In 1995 I joined the Army at age 16 and completed a Military Apprenticeship. Over the course of the next 8 1/2 years, I learned from my instructors and leadership team and was constantly pushed beyond my comfort zone into stress zones. I think I became so used to stressful situations it became normal for me. Even today - situations that worry, confuse and shock most people don't worry me in the slightest.

2 years ago I taught my daughter (5 at the time) how to swim. Twice a week we went to the pool until finally the armbands were off and she was doggy paddling. It was a slow process teaching her the basic strokes and using varying methods to break down the steps. When we started doing lengths of the pool I gave her one rule. "Woodrow's Never Give Up" I had her repeat this to me 3 times and then let her swim lengths by herself. I was amazed! My 5-year-old daughter then went on to swim 400m unaided. She was truly determined and never quit. The smile on her face after the session was something to be treasured.


Some people have stopped and asked me "how have you managed to go from an Oil & Gas Project Manager to a self-employed Personal & Business Branding Coach". They often assume that this transition happened overnight... My goal was always to become self-sufficient and live the laptop lifestyle.

I started my side hustle over 10 years ago when I launched my first website. Since then I have kept motivated and stayed determined to succeed. My first site failed to make enough money but boy did I learn some important lessons along the way. My second site did better but still not enough to live on. My most recent endeavour has enabled me to now work full time as a digital entrepreneur and gives me the freedom that I aimed for. Goals are not achieved overnight... Mine took 10 years to work out.

How much of your spare time would you give to make your side hustle work?

So in a nutshell!

1. Lead by example and demonstrate hard work pays off

2. Teach your kids how to be self-motivated

3. Use any anger you have with the world and channel into overcoming hard times

4. Set clear goals and keep going until you achieve them... and then set some more!

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