Personal Branding & Your CV

Personal Branding and Your CV

Branding isn't only important for businesses, its also important for individuals and contractors trying to land a job or contract. In fact, personal branding has taken on increasing importance as society embraces creativity and individualism.

Personal Branding allows employers to understand who you are professionally, what you deliver and what value you bring to the table. So how do you go about creating a personal branding CV? Here's how:

Form a Strong Value Proposition Statement

Your value proposition statement (VPS) is what the hiring manager will first see. Let them know what you have to offer their company and what sets you apart from all the other candidates. A statement that lets the employer understand what type of person you are and allows them to know your strengths and attributes that will make you stand out against the many others that are also applying for the position.

Over 90% of job seekers that I deal with do not provide a VPS; therefore by doing so, you increase your chances of getting hired. This personal statement will set the tone for you as a candidate and grab the attention of the reader. You can integrate your VPS into your summary.

Be Bold With the Layout but keep it ATS friendly

To stand out, you have to be different and being different means you may have to take the less traveled road. This may mean you have scrap the usual template and go with a unique style all your own. For instance, the rule of thumb is to not include color in your resume and keep all writing black. However, if you feel that color adds flavor to your CV and aligns with your personality and taste, then go for it. Additionally if you love flowers and you want that to show, you can create borders with your favorite flowers. But if you do decide to be bold in the design of your CV, remember to be tastefully bold and try to keep it ATS friendly.

Summarise Your Achievements

Make sure your accolades and accomplishments stand out and are on the first page. This should be one of the first things that a potential employer reads and can be presented in a section called Career Achievements. Use the STAR format to write these (Situtaion, Task, Actions and Result). Some examples of accolades and accomplishments worth noting are:

  1. Being the top salesperson in the region

  2. Automating processes and improving speed to market

  3. Getting a £100,000 grant to do trailblazing research

  4. Reducing your company's expenses by 50 percent through cost-cutting initiatives

Show off Your Online Presence

Include your Webiste, Blog, LinkedIn Profile, Twitter, and if dare, your Facebook profile. Your online presence is your identity to the rest of the world so sharing it gives a glimpse of you to your employers.

Linking to Your LinkedIn Profile

If you have a LinkedIn profile, make sure that you have some recommendations of your previous work. What is also extremely helpful for LinkedIn profile is to have endorsements from people within your industry. Endorsements are simply testimonials in the LinkedIn world and can lend huge weight to your profile. To get an endorsement, simply send out solicitations to your connected peers on LinkedIn; many of them will be more than willing to do one for you.


Recommedations have long been the go-to method for infomercials and website sales letters. Now you can use testimonials to sell yourself. Testimonials are still avant-garde to employers so you will definitely stand out. But don't take testimonials from just anyone. Instead, find industry leaders or senior-level management from companies you've worked for. However, make sure testimonials only take up a small portion of your CV; you still need some space to write about your accolades and accomplishments.

Of course there are many more ways of improving your CV... Book a consultation with me here and unlock your true potential:

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