How to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile & Land Interviews - FREE Webinar - 13th June at 7pm (UK)

How to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile & Land Interviews

I'm running another FREE webinar in 2 weeks time for anyone requiring assistance with LinkedIn Optimisation. I'll be broadcasting live on the 13th June at 7pm (UK). Sign up here:

This exclusive online webinar by Bigger Fish will be hosted by Lee Woodrow, a world-class CV Writer, LinkedIn Optimiser and expert on career enhancement and personal branding.

This 45 min webinar will provide leading-edge information on creating a LinkedIn Profile that will significantly increase interview rates and help you secure a new position. Lee Woodrow's online sessions are aimed at professionals and executives and they have been described as "inspirational”.

In this fast-paced and engaging webinar you will learn how to:

▶ Create a LinkedIn Profile which will genuinely open doors and drive interviews for top jobs

▶ Use marketing techniques such as keyword optimisation and social proofing

▶ Use your Title to market your value and stand out from the crowd

▶ How to grab the readers attention within the first few seconds using a banner

▶ Create a winning opening summary that instantly gets recruiter's attention

▶ Transform your LinkedIn Profile into a business case that will have hiring managers fighting over you

▶ Harness the power of case studies in your LinkedIn Profile to help you negotiate a higher salary

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Job Seekers that attend my free 45-minute sessions are on average 3 times more likely to secure a highly remunerated job.

Recent feedback:

“Lee provided an excellent CV and LinkedIn re-write service, his experience and knowledge is top notch and I learnt a lot during the process. I was applying for contract roles I knew I could easily do and just wasn't getting call backs. I personally didn't realise the role algorithms play and how your CV/LinkedIn Profile should be optimised for these. The impact of my new CV and LinkedIn profile was immediate, within 2 weeks I'd seen a 800% increase in recruiters calling back and submitting me for interview, 5-8 recruiters per week were cold calling me with new opportunities not advertised on the net and most recruiters stated without prompting that the CV/Profile looks really good..”

This is a live webinar with a Q&A session at the end for you to ask any questions.

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