New 2018 LinkedIn Profile Layout

New 2018 LinkedIn Profile Layout

The new LinkedIn Profile Layouts are rolling out fast and everyone should have this new design soon. The update is per account, not per profile so you will see all profiles (including your own) in the new design once your account is updated.

Major changes to the layout include:

1. Your profile image is left aligned and slightly larger. * If you have a banner this may affect what can be seen.

2. Your Name and Headline are now left aligned.

3. The Summary preview has increased from 220 to 300 characters.

4. Your company including logo now appears at the top of your profile and is linked to your experience.

5. Your contact information and connections are also neatly displayed at the top right.

6. 6 media thumbnails now appear in the summary preview. These are great for showcasing your services/products or achievements.

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