Preliminary CV Screening by ATS Algorithms

Preliminary CV screening by Applicant Tracking System (ATS) algorithms. How to pass the test?

Next time you apply for a job, will people or algorithms screen your application? Chances are it’ll be the latter, with applicant tracking systems reducing the time to hire.

After all, one job ad can easily aquire hundreds of applications, many of which may be inappropriate, yet all must be screened in order to identify suitable candidates.

My advice is to scan the job description and establish what exactly the hiring company is looking for. Identify hard /soft skill sets and add these keywords to your CV making sure to use action verbs at the start of your sentences. As long as you can justify it, match the job title on your CV.

Have a key skills section on the first page of your CV and use bullet points to highlight your relevant skills.

This will rapidly increase your chances of a call back. If in doubt, use a professional to assist you with advanced CV writing techniques and land your dream job.

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