Should I use an ATS CV Template?

Updated: May 13

When applying for jobs online, make sure you use a CV template that is Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant. i.e. Job boards and website career pages.

It's estimated that more than 98% of fortune 500 companies use ATS to pre-filter candidates

CVs and you typically require at least an 80% match on keywords to get through for human review. The keywords are a determining factor but so is having a CV / Resume that utilises an ATS friendly layout. To stand the best chance of beating the software do the following:

1. Use a simple layout for your CV (Not floating text boxes with sidebars)

2. Insert larger section titles like Summary, Key Skills, Career Highlights, Employment History, Education, Training, Memberships, Personal Details

3. Keep everything left aligned

4. Don't use images

5. Don't use tables

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