The Road to Success - How to Land an Interview Fast!

The Road to Success - CV Writing for Switched on Professionals

I've been professionally writing CV's since 2008. Over the years I have picked up many techniques and methods which have enhanced the CV writing services that I offer. When I first started, the service was simple and all communication was completed over a string of emails. I found out that many CV writing companies were doing the same to keep overheads down and prices competitive.

But there's a problem with this approach... You dont get to understand the true nature of your clients and the CV's which are produced come across as generic and to be honest stand a lesser chance of securing an interview.

Introduction of the online video consultation

Taking this into account I transformed my CV Writing Service by including a 2 hour online video consultation with every order. This enabled me to gather and really understand my client's personal needs through a well-structured interview process. By implementing new styles of writing and CV enhancing methods including the introduction of career highlights and key achievements to really substantiate your strengths and skill sets.

During online video consultations, I share my screen and provide a live demonstration of the process which empowers my clients to make comment and give feedback on the content of their new CV. Afterall it is theirs...

Job seeker tools

I offer job seekers 5 tools to ensure their success:

  • A creative style 2 page CV

  • A matching cover letter that perfectly compliments the creative style CV

  • An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) version of the new CV (3-4 page basic word document)

  • LinkedIn profile optimisation

  • LinkedIn banner design, which really enhances the look of your profile...

Land interviews fast!

I have assisted with landing interviews with hundreds of clients by offering multiple online consultations and support throughout the entire CV writing and design process. Each CV is written with the utmost care and attention and brings out the best of my client's abilities, presented in an extremely professional format that typically blows the competition away and invites the reader to contact you quickly.

What People Say

Evgeny Khrapenkov says. "I wanted to rewrite my CV in a creative manner and was looking for the expert service. Thanks to the power of networking, I discovered Lee Woodrow and as a result got a professionally written CV. No doubt, Lee is a subject matter expert when it comes to designing outstanding resume with strong focus on person’s individual and professional skills. From the very beginning of our cooperation Lee created an impression of knowledgeable and erudite person; he was very attentive to details and provided expert guidance and assistance in writing my CV. Lee is very accurate in delivering a perfect result, making sure that it suits your needs and expectations. Consider Lee Woodrow services in unique CV writing and you will not regret it"

Gordon Mitchell says. "Wasn’t too happy with how my old cv looked and how it should be set out showing my career history, work experience etc etc etc. I contacted Lee after seeing his advert on LinkedIn advertising “professional cv’s written” and I am so pleased I did!!! From start to finish Lee was brilliant, easy to talk too, understood everything I was telling him about my experience / industry which made things so much easier! Within a few days my cv was done and looks a million times better than my old one. Would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lee and his company to do anyone’s cv on their behalf. Cheers Lee one happy customer"

To read more recommendations of my CV writing work please check out my LinkedIn Profile here: Lee Woodrow

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