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I have many people email me for advice and request reviews of their CVs every day. I've been writing professional CVs since 2008 and have received some documents as long as 12 pages and others with barely enough information, let alone missing contact details. I find it amazing that some professionals think they will get a second look and a call back when their CV is badly laid out, grammatical errors throughout and do not address their career history with the correct information.

Your CV is a prospective employer's first impression of YOU. You would not attend an interview wearing a baggy tracksuit with holes in it, you would wear a suit with a shirt, tie or smart blouse if a lady. So why would you represent yourself on paper any differently?

The majority of CV Writing companies out there still follow the basic rules and lay a CV out so that it passes through an applicant tracking system (ATS). ATS’s are used on corporate websites often in a careers section and also on online job boards. They are the modern version of a gatekeeper that only submits relevant CV’s to the HR representative after certain keywords are matched. Often ATS struggle interpreting modern styles of formatting so most recruiters prefer a plain and simple format.

Because of this, most CVs that I makeover are presented in very boring layouts, black text on white background, and simply look dated and stuck in the past. This 20th-century approach could be achieved on a typewriter! It’s great for ATS but this type of CV does not stand out from the crowd and simply puts you in the category of the sheep following the rest of the herd. Most connected professionals actually send their CV to a real person and not an ATS, so why use the same old boring format???

I recognise each of my clients as an individual with their own personality and characteristics. I therefore, take a bespoke approach when designing layouts, colours and branding for professional CV’s that truly stand out from the hundreds of normal applicants. I host in-depth video consultations with screen sharing to gather information and use professional methods of writing to emphasise key achievements.

On top of designing bespoke colourful layouts with sidebars and creative graphics, I can also provide an ATS compliant version of your CV, just in case you need it.

For more information download our FREE CV Writing Guide here: CV Writing Guide

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