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Good morning world! 8 years ago I dreamed of working for myself, managing my my own business, my own time and ultimately being in charge of my own life. I started my journey in the Armed Forces, then picked my way through various positions in the Oil & Gas industry, but always with a focus on IT. My true passions have always been creativity and technology, so back in 2009 I completed several courses in website design and e-commerce and slowly self taught myself how to build better sites. Since then I have developed and launched many websites for myself and my clients.

My big break came when I was introduced to Wordpress (An open source content management system). Not the Wordpress hosted site, but the self hosted .org system. This platform gave me the tools to built my first successful site: Oil Guru began life as a job board for the international Oil & Gas Industry. A couple of years in, it became apparent that the business model to make money off the job board was simply not working. There was far too much competition in the Oil, Gas and Energy Job Board market and it seemed impossible to beat the big boys on the block like: Rigzone, Oil and Gas People, Oil and Gas Job Search.

I continued to work in the Oil & Gas industry until 2016 to support my family and finally made the jump to self employment in 2017. To further support my online ventures and building websites I also offer Professional CV Writing and I must of written over 500 CVs since I started way back in 2009. Ive implemented many monetisation methods over the years and have always found that offering a professional service has been successful over paid ads, job boards, learning management systems and ebooks.

You have to concentrate on whats making money, optimise your website so it acts like a sales funnel and follow up on every lead. Use lead magnets to collect potential customers contact details by offering free downloads and offers.

Ranking high in search engines has always been a struggle. I've researched and completed training in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and optimised my sites for the best keywords. I have found that a strategy that doesn't put all your eggs in 1 basket works best. I mean you should focus your activity on 3 key areas in order to build traffic:

  1. Keywords in Titles, Headers, Image Alt Tags and page descriptions

  2. Regularly blog and distribute to the main social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, etc.

  3. Get backlinks from quality websites with high page rank. The Google PageRank runs from 0, the worst, to 10 the best. (Quality over quantity is the best strategy here)

I must admit that over the past 8 years, I've thought many times to chuck in the towel and give up on website development. It takes a lot of time to get a foot hold in the market and you might find that you have to offer your services at discount prices to get the ball rolling and slowly over time you can increase your prices.

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